It was, as they say, “A bit of a do.” But it couldn’t have happened without much time and effort and, of course, support from people like you.

First we collected all the chox, sox, hats, gloves and scarves generously donated by our supporters. Excess wrapping removed, items counted, then counted again to make sure everyone got pretty much the same. We had a fabulous quantity of chox which ensured 22 bars [or equivalent] were in one bag; six pairs of thermal sox in another and a hat, gloves and a scarf was in the other. They were all stashed overnight in a large van, under lock and key, by supporter Robert Morphet from West Bradford Rotary.

The builders of our new premises just about finished in the early hours of ‘the day’ – still some snagging to do – and one of our supporters, Anne Raine [another West Bradford Rotary member] found us some chairs, which we later bought for a modest price, and some tables, kindly loaned by Guiseley Theatre. Our kitchen was devoid of a cooker, so prep and cooking was done at my house, as usual, and the food was transported in rather large flasks to our new base. Although it wasn’t ideal, we managed, due to incredible effort and dedication of the Soup Run volunteers.

“How many were there?” We don’t know – it was too busy to count – but we catered for 175 and we guesstimate that around 155 were there and had a rather good meal…

Orange and mango juice.

Vegetable soup with soft white rolls.

Chicken Supreme [cooked in cream and with 8 different veg.].

Strawberry Gateaux and cream.

Tea/Coffee with After Eight Mints.

Christmas cake [baked, as usual, by Marian Thomas] and Wensleydale Cheese.

Handfuls of wrapped chocolates.

And so another year’s Christmas ended – fortunately, we saved some presents for people who turned up the following week and explained that they didn’t know where or when we’d be having our Christmas ‘do’.

It was good to see happy smiles on the faces of people who don’t often have much to smile about. That made all the effort worthwhile.

We’re now working to get our kitchen completed, as well as find some more tables; and write to our supporters and thank them for their generosity.