Five a day reasons we shop at Morrisons

We know of the importance of a balanced diet which is why, at the end of each Soup Run meal, everyone is given a bag containing an apple, orange and banana. Vitamin ‘C’ can help stave off colds – far harder to get rid of when living rough – and if our clients are fully […]


If you’ve got some gardening or decorating clothes, please use them for that. We always have a stock of clothes and footwear – sometimes they’re required each week, otherwise they’re given out when necessity demands. The clothing most required are waterproof coats, trousers, woollens, shirts, scarves, gloves, hats, and socks [thick and dark – they […]


What we need is a trickle, not a flood. We know that if we put out a call for bedding we’d be inundated with offers, but we’d probably need a warehouse to store it and a Pickford’s van to collect. [We have neither a warehouse or a big van and the numbers of those we […]

Quality is key

In 2006 we were finalists in the BBC sponsored British Food and Farming Awards [and you don’t get there by being able to boil an egg!]. We were in the category of Best Dinner Lady/Man and Jamie Oliver was the overall judge for our category. There were two joint winners – both schools – but […]

Tunnocks leads the wafer

Everyone has the choice of three different biscuits, which usually means everyone gets at least one of their favourites. The most popular, by far, are Tunnock’s wafers – probably why they’re never discounted! We challenge anyone to not like at least one of the many and varied biscuits we offer [and, yes, we also have […]

Meat our butcher!

Quality has been our watchword as far as food is concerned. Because of this we sought, and found, a good supplier of meat – Pickup’s Butchers in the Oastler Centre, Bradford. Despite many tempting attempts to get our business, we have stayed with Pickups for over twenty years as we know the provenance of the […]