clothingIf you’ve got some gardening or decorating clothes, please use them for that.

We always have a stock of clothes and footwear – sometimes they’re required each week, otherwise they’re given out when necessity demands.

The clothing most required are waterproof coats, trousers, woollens, shirts, scarves, gloves, hats, and socks [thick and dark – they provide warmth as well as hide the dirt]. Underwear is always bought new, and with the labels still on.

But the most needed item is good quality boots and shoes. [When you or I travel, we’ll probably do so by car, bus or train. Our clients tend to walk.] There have been some [thankfully, rare] occasions when we have simply run out of footwear so we tend to meet the client the following morning and take him to a store so he can choose his own. Although this does add to our costs, it is sometimes a unique experience for our clients, who don’t often have the chance to choose what they’d like to wear.

Again, like with bedding, we require a trickle, not a flood and, to be quite honest, I’m a little wary about posting this as we don’t have much time these days to go and collect [or wait in for them to be delivered]. It can be a bit of a conundrum, but then that’s often life, these days.