‘They come, they go, but each year their numbers are greater.’

Donated by Steve BellOn our very first Soup Run we fed one person [and located one other, but he didn’t know or trust us so we left him alone – and a couple of years later and he came to us].

Over the past 30 years we have found that the numbers of those we feed has risen. But it’s not the same people every week. Granted, there are familiar faces on each Soup Run but when you’re homeless you don’t have to stay in the same town or city; and the grass can sometimes seem greener elsewhere.

Last week we prepared for 75 people – and all the food was eaten. This week we’ll be providing for more, and we expect the numbers will rise as Christmas gets closer.

Last Christmas we prepared for 150 people. We didn’t do an accurate head-count – there were too many for that; and we were too busy, anyway – but all the food was eaten.

As the weather gets colder, homeless needs are greater, and there is one man who walks from Halifax each Friday so he can have one of our meals. To ensure his energy is not expended purely by walking to and from our Pavilion, we provide him with an extra meal to take back with him.

Governments, too, come and go. Some are keen to help the homeless, some less so. But still the numbers rise – so maybe these politicians aren’t as good as they think they are.

This is one reason why we will not accept government monies – and it has been offered – instead, we prefer to rely on a caring public who have thus far provided us with the wherewithal to continue, and for which we and those we meet each week are most thankful.

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