awards launch cropA big ‘Thank You’ to everyone who voted for us in the Sovereign Health Care ‘Good All Round’ awards.

People have been very kind; they’ve cajoled their families, friends, colleagues and even, in one case, the postman, to ensure we got as many votes as possible.

So, have we won? We don’t know, and probably won’t know until the awards ceremony on 19th November.

No hints are being given by Sovereign, so I guess we’ll have to wait and be patient.

Of one thing I am sure, though: If we don’t win, it won’t be for lack of trying. Our team have delivered leaflets, sent emails across the world, contacted relatives we’d forgotten we had, sent tweets to people we’d very much like to know better and generally worked our socks off.

Apart from getting people to vote, we’ve revamped our website; started Facebook and twitter accounts, and spent more hours at the computer than is good for us. And all that time we kept on doing what we do best: feeding the homeless.

I was going to say we’ll all take it easy now, but it’s a Soup Run tonight and a speech to make tomorrow, so they will take precedence. [Must remember to re-acquaint myself, too, with my long-suffering spouse: the current Mrs T.]

Thanks again

John Tempest