hat,scarf glovesWanted! As part of our 2013 ‘Chox ‘n’ Sox’ campaign, we need the following new items:

200 pairs of gloves; 200 thermal type hats; 200 scarves; 1,000 bars of chocolate; 200 small [upright-style] boxes [Celebration/Roses/Quality Street] of chocolates; 1,200 pairs of thick, dark socks.

We can only give out what we get given, and we’d like this Christmas to be the best yet for those we meet on our Soup Runs. Last year we fed and provided for 150 people – this year we expect about 200*.

For logistical reasons, we can collect only within the Bradford area. And we need all the above by around the 15th of December, so that gives you two weeks to encourage your friends, colleagues, family etc to help you help us help the homeless help themselves.

Please email us [john@thebradfordsouprun.org.uk] if you can help [but more importantly, email us after you’ve amassed as much of the above list as you can!].

Thank you.

* For the reason why we’re feeding more people this year than last, please address your letter to D Cameron, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA