santaChristmas can be a logistical nightmare.

Preparing a full hot, festive-fare meal in a domestic kitchen (albeit with a double oven and 8 ring burner), transporting it to our base in the city centre, and serving it to those who are waiting – without any firm idea of what numbers will need to be catered for (Christmas 2012, we provided sufficient for 150 people – all the food was eaten!).


This year we are expecting around 200 people.

‘Santa’ also arrives with almost as many gifts as we can beg from businesses and organisations. These range from torches to clothing and are all individually wrapped for, without wrapping, what sort of presents would they be then?

Christmas Menu

Fruit Juice

– a combination of orange, mango and a vitamin supplement

Vegtable Soup and soft white rolls.

Chicken Supreme

– chunky pieces of chicken cooked in cream with vegtables.

Strawberry Gateaux and cream.

Christmas cake and Wensleydale cheese.

Tea/Coffee and biscuits and After Eight mints.