santaAs you may know, every Christmas we have a campaign to collect as many pairs of socks [new] as possible, as well as loads and loads of chocolates.

Why? Well, for those living on the streets worn socks often lead to feet problems [I’ll leave you to use your imagination on that one]. And chocolate can very often be comforting as well as nutritious.

If you’d like to help us, here are a few guidelines to assist.


CHOX  We aim to give everyone roughly the same size and quantity as choc barswe can – we know that isn’t always possible, but that’s what we aim for.

Plain or milk? It doesn’t really matter, although milk chocolate is by far the most popular.

Boxes? Not always easy if the boxes are really big, but the smaller boxes of Rose’s, Quality Street and Celebration etc are always welcome. In fact, the more of them, the better.

What size of blocks [Bars]? That’s largely up to you. As a rule of thumb, instead of buying a huge bar, why not instead buy three or four slightly smaller ones?

Brand? I always say that if you’re stinking rich, just get into your private jet and pop over to Belgium for some of those truffles. If not, some Cadbury’s will do fine! But, hey, so long as the chocolate is within date, we don’t mind what we get and we’ll be happy to give it out.

Selection Boxes? OK – but unless we get enough selection boxes so everyone can have one, we’ll be opening them and splitting up the contents.

3packsocksSOX Dark, so they can be reversed; and so they don’t show the dirt. Thermals are ideal – you can often get them in packs of three or five. And for men – we have many, many more men than women on our Soup Runs and, in all honesty, women would find it easier to wear men’s socks than men would even try on women’s. No socks for children, please.

Shall I wrap them? Please don’t! We’ve got to open up the wrapping so we know what’s inside. Why not transfer the cost of wrapping paper into another few bars of chocolates?!




Chox ‘n’ Sox When do you need them? Ideally, by the weekend of 20th/21st December, although we could stretch it by a day or so if we had to.

Can you collect? Well, that depends on where you are. But we would try our best.

Should we bring them to you? Probably more difficult as we’ll be travelling around and preparing for ‘the day’.

So, how many are you planning on feeding? Last year we planned on 200 and 198 turned up [phew]. This year we expect there to be about 250.

“I can’t always get to the shops, but I’d still like to support you…”

Why not send us a cheque in lieu of Chox ‘n’ Sox?  If you’d like to do this, please make your cheque payable to The Bradford Soup Run and send it to: 4 Newcastle House, Barkerend Road, Bradford BD1 4AP. Don’t forget to let us have your name and address so we can thank  you for your support.