santaWell, not yet. At least not for those involved with The Bradford Soup Run.

The Christmas Eve marathon involved Dominic, Al, Angie, Luke, Matt B and John. Thousands of socks were put into red bags, along with hats, gloves and scarves. Other bags [black] contained copious bars and boxes of chocolates. And white bags have orange, apple, banana, crisps, Christmas cake and Wensleydale cheese.

A local business generously loaned us a long wheel-base van which was packed to the gunnels with the red and black bags in large trays, but we simply couldn’t fit in the white bags so they’ll be loaded into our G-Wagen and handed out from there.

The Pavilion is in need of a good clean and tidy, but that’s being done today, Christmas Day.

All we then have to do is prepare the vegetables ready for the chicken supreme for the Boxing Day meal; sort the fruit juice, and generally make sure we have as little to do tomorrow as possible.

Apart from feed up to 250 people.

So that’s alright, then.