Dear Supporter,


It’s been a difficult couple of years…


The lady who admirably helped us with our social media and website became ill and we did our best to carry on in the hope she could return. Sadly, that was not to be. We thank her for her efforts and hope her health improves.


In 2017 my wife was finally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and, despite the efforts of excellent doctors and the support of her family, she finally succumbed. Julie was more popular on our Soup Runs than I ever was [not difficult] and it was testimony to her that at her funeral [standing room only] there were many she’d previously fed on the streets.


Two months later my Soup Run right-hand-man also died. Dominic McCormack was everything we could have hoped for and his ‘can-do’ attitude often helped us achieve what we’d previously thought would not be possible.


All the aforementioned are sorely missed and their contribution ensured that people less fortunate than themselves could be guaranteed good food, clothing and bedding as well as a sympathetic ear.


Fortunately for Bradford’s homeless, we have an excellent team who rallied round and more than walked the extra mile to ensure our continuance. And now, although we remember with fondness those who have left us, we must look to the future.


Our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts will now be overseen by Emma – who’s a bit of a whiz when it comes to techie stuff. Naturally, there’ll be a sort of ‘bedding-in’ period as she familiarises herself with how we work and reminds me of what I should and shouldn’t be saying, but we’re delighted she’s agreed to deal with the social media aspect of our charity.


There will be plenty more news for you in the future so please keep tuned, and thank you for your past support.


John Tempest


The Bradford Soup Run