• 1:12 pm
  • Monday
  • June 17, 2024

So, who are these homeless people? Very often people like you!

In the past we have met people from all walks of life, ranging from former company directors to shop floor workers.

All have suffered difficulties in their lives and found it impossible to cope.  It could be redundancy, bereavement, marriage break up, gambling, drugs and occasionally alcoholism.

We are now finding that young people are becoming homeless as a result of trouble in the home.  In our experience, and despite Government edicts, ‘Care in the Community’ has shown that there are too many who are unable to care for themselves and appear to have been discarded by the communities that we are told will help care for them.

We’re meeting more from Eastern Bloc countries who come over and realise that Market Street is not paved with gold and the end of the rainbow is not centenary square, and find themselves in difficulty. After every meal they say thankyou and then ask if theres any work.

Want to know more?

Why not book a talk from one of our volunteers – see our Public Speaking page for details.

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