• 12:50 pm
  • Monday
  • June 17, 2024

Note to Editors

We know you have a newspaper/magazine/programme to make, but we have a strict policy of not allowing photographs/images/film to be taken of our clients. The reason for this is quite simple: once their image has been captured it can then be used at any time, regardless of the current situation and feelings of the client. We know of many people who were homeless and, with a gentle prod and a helping hand, have made their way back up the ladder of what we call ‘society’. Very often the relationships they have formed since then have not included details of their being homeless, so we respect that.

We know the above probably won’t be what you want to hear, but we are happy to provide a spokesperson for The Bradford Soup Run and they will answer your questions – and even pose for photographs.

Our work with the homeless since 1984 has meant much media coverage and we do thank the many editors who have generously helped us promote our cause within the constraints of our policy.


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