We are pleased to advise that The Bradford Soup Run is still operating [nearly] as usual on Friday nights.

The difference is that we are not allowed to admit anyone into our premises, and people may not congregate/gather/socially interact but a 2 metre space between people waiting is acceptable. When people do attend they will be given a bag containing bread, biscuits, fruit [apple, orange, banana] and a spoon.

They will be given a separate bag containing a closed container of our hot and nourishing stew. They will then be asked to take away their bags and consume the food away from others.

We tried this last week and it worked quite well and we’re assured by the local Police, Council and Government that our protocols are acceptable.

Do we like it? No, we miss the handshakes, jokes and interaction.
Will we get over it? Hope so.
Are we at risk? We do everything we can to ensure the safety of our volunteers and those we feed.
Do we need volunteers? Not at the moment, but thanks for thinking about us.
If we do need help we’ll post a notice on our website.